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2003 SKELP

Spanish Civil War game. The list of links is not comprehensive, but are sites that I found very useful whilst researching the period. Over and above the work put in by various club members (and they know who they are), special thanks go to Martin et al at Peter Pig, Martin Rapier for his Mex’36 rules variation, RFCM for AK47 (a playable and fun set of rules), and the people who created the website, La Cucaracha.


Madrid, November 1936. The Spanish Civil War has been ongoing for a few months, and the Nationalists are now turning their attention to Spain’s capital city. To counter them, the newly arrived foreign volunteers of the International Brigades are being rushed forward to the defence of the city. The scenario is a variation of Martin Rapier’s “Madrid” scenario, which can be downloaded here.

Below: Nationalists move in from the right, attempting to storm the defences around Madrid, while a worried General Kenco prepares to throw some truly awful dice.
Below: two Bf109’s attempt to down the sole Republican I-16, however, due to the aforementioned awful dice-rolling, it was the Legion Condor aircraft that went to their doom.
Below: a figure’s eye view of the International Brigade troops moving through the outskirts if Madrid. Closest to the camera is a T-26, stuck in traffic behind a pair of horse-drawn guns. Shortly after this picture was taken, two Stuka dive-bombers braved frantic small-arms fire and attacked the column.
Below: close-up of some of what was on the table at SKELP. Due to bad dice-rolling, the pair of Panzers failed to get on to the table.