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Mike G

  • 1/300 scale WW2 Russians based for Spearhead.
  • 1/200 scale WW2 British 8th Army based for Flames of War.
  • 1:76th scale WW2 British 8th Army and American (European front).
  • 15mm figures
    • Ancient DBM armies: Ostrogothic, Palmyran, Later Pre-Islamic Arabs, Nabatean, Early Bedouin, Crusades 15mm Arabs, 100YW English.
    • 30 Years War French based for DBR.
    • Renaissance English based for DBR.
    • Napoleonic British (1811) and Russians (1812).
    • ACW Union based for Fire & Fury.
    • British and Mahdists based for Principles of War.
    • WW2 1944 British based for Flames of War.
  • 25mm figures
    • DBM armies: Dark Ages Normans, Byzantines.
    • 30 Years War mercenaries.
    • Napoleonic King’s German Legion.
  • Comments: Lots of terrain available for use by AWC members.