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John A

  • 1/3000 scale
    • WW2 Naval British; WW2 Naval Axis (includes large number of 2mm scale aircraft).
  • 1/300 scale
    • WW2 German; WW2 US.
  • 15mm figures
    • WW1 Brito-Indian Middle East (PoW); WW1 Turkish (PoW) (FOR SALE)
    • 1960s French Interventionist force for Peter Pig’s “AK47?.(Retired and definitely not for sale)
  • 20mm figures (All 20mm stuff suitable for Rapid Fire or Crossfire.) . (ALSO ALL FOR SALE)
    • WW2(late)/ Korean War US; WW2 Brit Mid East, Med and NW Europe. WW2 German Afrika Korps & NW Europe 43-45
  • Indo China French
  • 25/8mm figures
    • Burgundian Ordinance (also serves for Beer Wars’ Duke of Stella)
    • WW1 Turks (yes same period as above but in a bigger scale)
    • WW1 ANZACS
    • Boxer Rebellion – Boxers, British, Italians and Civilians
    • Sudan – Camel Corps, British Infantry, Mahdist River Arabs (under construction)
    • Thirty Years War Imperialist – Pappenheim’s Corps at Lutzen
    • Cowboys
    • WSS, Alliance forces (also under construction)
  • Other
    • Wings of War

Author of “American Ambition

Manufacturer of Commando Miniatures