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Hugh C

  • 1/200 scale Afrika-Korps.
  • 15mm figures
    • DBM: Babylonians, Pontic, Greek, Successor, Huns, Late Imperial Romans, T’ang Chinese, Mongols, Teutonic Knights, Gepid, French Medieval. [With these figures, Hugh is able to field a variety of other ancient armies.]
    • French Malburian.
    • Napoleonic – French and Prussian.
    • ACW Confederates (for Fire & Fury)
    • 19th century – Bavarian, Wurtemburg, and Italian/Piedmontese.
    • Zulus and appropriate British (for Principles of War).
  • 25mm figures
    • Carthaginians, Greeks, Middle Imperial Romans, Picts, Vikings, Sub-Roman British, Late Saxons.
    • War of the Roses (and similar medieval).
    • AWI British.

Picts vs Saxons