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Duncan M


Early 2012

Gaming mainly with “Black Powder”, 15mm GNW, 28mm AWI and 15mm ACW. Painted some 10mm Senegalese French Colonial infantry.

Worked on Pithead‘s 10mm WW2 French 155mm artillery, and 47mm AT portee and Char B1 Bis heavy tank. The French site http://www.chars-francais.net has been very useful.

A chat with Carlos at the club, got my French into a game of Red Actions! I hadn’t realised that the French had been  involved in the Russian Civil War, with troops stationed in Odessa and Archangel (wikipedia link).  As ever, a fun game with some borrowed cavalry and an armoured car let to me sourcing my own from Pendraken. With a look to using them with Flames of War, the cavalry were based on half-sized FoW bases so I can use 2 together. I couldn’t resist adding some old sticky tricolours on a few of the lances. Bases all by Warbases, who quickly sent some extra mid-sized ones to me.

First half of the year ends with me using “Der Krieg” set from a scenario book sold by Caliver Books. It is from the people behind www.blitzkrieg.fr so there is some additional support there (and from Google Translate too). Another French set got an airing, Muskets & Tomahawks by Studio Tomahawk. Support can also be found on the Saga/M&T forum.



  • 1/1200 scale CSA & USA ironclads.
  • 6mm Napoleonic French and Russian based to “Horse, Foot, Guns”/DBR.
  • 10mm 1940’s French (Flames of War).
  • 15mm figures
    • Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Spanish – based to Maximillian! and DBM/R.
    • GNW Swedes based for DBR and Gå På.
    • Napoleonic – French and Austrians based to Grande Armee.
    • American Civil War – USA and CSA (30mm bases).
    • Spanish Civil War for AK47 variant.
    • ‘Modern’ – based for Peter Pig’s “AK47” rules.
    • Small band of sci-fi Aslans.
  • 20mm figures
    • WW2 Soviet troops.
  • 25/28mm figures
    • Dark Age Late Roman and Saxons.
    • AWI American patriots.
    • Skirmish Old West figures on penny bases.
    • Skirmish Samurai/Ronin/Ninjas based on 2p pieces.
    • War of the Roses troops.
    • ECW
    • Late WW1 Germans & French
  • Back-burner:  some ECW and Late WW1 Germans & French, all at 25/8mm . Expanding the French out into the Colonies , and giving them some Boxer opponents (from Scheltrum and Old Glory).
  • Currently: working through existing projects as and when I get time.

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15mm ACW figures. Mainly Freikorps Miniatures.

25mm Foundry AWI

25mm Foundry AWI