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2010 DM


January 2010

Between the bad weather and work, I managed to get down for one game (WW1 versus Hugh’s Mark IV tank)  and did no painting or modelling. Hence the Kallistra trenches are still not washed a darker brown.

February 2010

Bad weather back, so I didn’t get down on the 2nd, but was determined to get something done. So I worked on re-basing my AWI 28mm skirmishers. Ian lent me some Warbases circular bases, so I used these to do about a third of my figures.

25/28mm AWI American skirmishers

Took Saturday off and finished staining the ballast I had previously added to my Kallistra trenches. I did it in a production line, taking 3-coffee-table-areas, with bin-liners for protection. The £5 satin wood-stain from B&Q ran out as I finished the last section, and all was dry and boxed in 6 hours. I still have the duck-boards, props and sand-bags to paint, but at least the trenches are table-top ready again.

Satin wood stain for 5 quid

One game of Too Fat Lardie’s “Through the mud and the blood”, and ended the month painting some resin earthworths I got at Kirriemuir last year, and a couple of hexagonal cardboard shapes (from Hobbycraft) that I plastered and painted to use as bunkers. Also some additional lengths of home-made foamcore walls.

Painted resin fieldworks

March 2010
Started assembling my German WW1 armour (both Great War Miniatures make via Maelstrom Games, and their frequent discount. Huzzah).




A few sessions of the weekend got the tanks painted and transfers ordered from Milicast – hopefully they’ll look neater than my attempts to hand-paint crosses and numbers. I also got the rest of the AWI light infantry rebased and the First Nation figures too. Glen Porter has an excellent article on painting the captured Mark IV tank. Photos of A7V “Lotti” can be found at the Landships forum and on Flickr (part of Phil’s A7V gallery).

Tanks with Milicast decals

Bought some 20mm dia’ ‘fridge’ magnets (apostrophes to keep one of the members happy) from Guy’s Magnets on eBay. They are the same size as the pennies that I have been using and sticking magnetic sheets to.  They seem to work quite well. Although they are 6-pence dearer, it is all less footery.

Renegade WW1 Germans on fridge magnets

April 2010
Believe it or not: I still haven’t painted any figures this year. I have prepped and undercoated,  I have even added a few colours to some Chinese Boxers, but I have not completed any figures. I’m putting it down to a lack of concentration. After playing a game of ACW “Rank & File” in 15mm , I was heard to mutter that there was just “not enough terrain”. So I had to rectify that.

Woodland Scenics tree kits and Hobbycraft backed-foam sheet

15mm fences from tile spacers and barbecue skewers

Finished about 2 metres over a weekend

Kallistra hills

Kallistra's flock matches GW's static grass (good oh)

Finished the month by adding static grass to my old 15mm ACW figures whilst listening to the Richard Clarke (Too Fat Lardies) podcast on Meeples & Miniatures.

May 2010

Started the month by finally – yes, finally – finishing painting 9nr 15mm ACW Union figures (from Freikorps – via  QRF). I looked at the invoice for the figures and saw they were bought in 2005! If I had bought them today, they’d have cost me 12 1/2% more. More infantry and, of course, artillery to paint. And some more crews and extra infantry ordered so that I can bolster some regiments/brigades.

June – December

Well, with one thing and another, I did not get much more work done on figures or terrain over the remainder of the year. I did, however, lose a lot of weight and even got some shelves to re-organise my spare room. December saw the bad weather return and I hunkered down to working on markers for 15mm Regimental Fire & Fury.