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Andrew T

  • 15mm figures
    • 1685-1776: unpainted lead and tons of it!
    • AWI: two regiments of American Infantry so far. Lots of unpainted lead.
    • Napoleonics/Waterloo: French 2nd Corps complete except for 1 battery of artillery, some 1st Corps, some Imperial Guard, several divisions of cavalry; All British Cavalry with some allied cavalry (Brunswickers), most of the British Line and Guard Regiments with some allies (Dutch, Belgians, Hanoverians), roughly four batteries of artillery; Several Divisions of Prussian Infantry, several regiments of cavalry and about three batteries of artillery. Totally committed to WRG 1685-1845 rules. Tons of unpainted lead.
  • 20mm figures
    • ACW: A few regiments of Infantry and cavalry, haven’t found a decent set of rules yet, but I like the sound of Barker’s “Horse Foot and Gun”, although they seem to be a little less detailed than I would like. Stacks of unpainted plastic and a little bit of unpainted lead.
  • 25mm figures
    • Renaissance: ECW (1 regiment of Newcastle’s Whitecoats) and the beginnings of a C16 Ottoman army. Lots of unpainted lead!
  • 20mm (Airfix) and 25mm Ancients based on WRG 6th Edition, Seleucids, Trajanic Romans, Assyrians, Celto-Germanic-Britons. Tons of unpainted plastics, and tons of unpainted lead, mostly from the collections of Terry Wise and Donald Featherstone.