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Andrew D


  • Classical Greek, Macedonian and Punic Wars, 15mm
  • Skirmish Naval Battles
    • Rules:  Thalassa Polemo V1.4 AGD July/07 (will post soon)
  • Elephant Wars: DBA with 20 elements a side:

1 General element (tribal leader) (El), 1 sub General (eldest son) (El), 8 x El, 1 LC or 1 Cav, 9 infantry elements of any type but no more than two each of blade and bow.

 Bring two “hidden” scenery pieces (appropriate) and a walled village (big enough to hold all the elements) each.Victory conditions: First to kill 7 elements OR first to kill both generals OR first to get 4 elements into the opponent’s village, two elements of which must be elephants.

  • Picture of :  Battle of  Chaeronea 338 BC, Aberlour Model Fair 

Philip II unites Greece 

Dark Ages

  • Tibetan Army 640AD-703AD, 15mm

Medieval/ Renaissance

  • Swiss Wars of Independance, 15mm
  • Scots Wars of Independance, WOT Roses, Italian Wars
    • Rules: DBMM
    • Battle of Pavia 24 February 1525


  • 1745 uprising
    • Rules: DBJ, and in-house.
    • Battle of Inverurie 23rd December 1745

 Sci Fi


 Ongoing interests and Projects

  • Developing 54mm Gladiator Combat
  • Interested in :
    • Late medieval Japan
    • 30 years war .
    • ECW .
    • “Darkest Africa” adventure games
    • “Dads Army” .
    • Dr Who.
    • Various board games including SPI