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Adam B

Whether it’s the clash of spear on shield, roar of rifles, or zap of laser guns, if it can be done with wee lead or plastic men on a table I’ve probably done it or I’m prepared to try it.

Primarily a small scale skirmish gamer, I have over the years, picked up miniatures in a variety of scales for all manner of conflicts historical and fantastical.

Currently I’m enjoying Dux Bellorum with my Picts although have four ‘to do’ projects lined up for 2013:

  • 15mm Confederates for BlackPowder and potentially Regimental Fire & Fury
  • 10mm Scots Royalists for FOG Renaisance
  • 15mm SciFi (A plethora of rules to try out but leaning towards Grunts and Tomorrow’s War)
  • 28mm 7TV Really looking forward to getting a few games of this early in the New Year