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Archived: Beer Wars

In 2005, Stuart organised a Beer Wars campaign using his and John’s “Grim Visaged Wars” set.

Campaign Map

Historical backgrounds…

  • Baron Beau De Visier [Sholto]
    • Team colours:Barons Personal banner. Gold eagle on a quartered field of red and white. Household units banners variations on red and white fields.
    • Allied captains and hangers on banners various including The Brothers Buckfast,The Red Bull Brigade and Tennants from Scotland and Newcastle.
  • Black Sheep Companie, Lord Paul Theakston of Masham [Duncan] Link
    • Livery: black and white. Badge: black sheep on white field.
    • Watchword: you looking at my bird?
  • Principality of Orangeboom [Ken]
    • Team colours: The Prince alone is allowed to wear Orange, all his followers etc wear their own heraldic devices, for only slaves and curs would condescend to wear the livery of another. Pshaw!
  • Duc de Stella et Comte d’Artois [John]
    • Player’s Army & Beer – Burgundian, Stella Artois
    • Player’s Colours – Red and White (Duke’s personal retinue only – other figures in authentic Burgundian liveries).
    • Badge: Two yellow stars on a red background over a hunting horn on a white background.
    • Watchword: Soigneux Maintenant!
  • Swiss: Vollmond [Andy Douglas]
    • Beer: Appenzell
    • Team colours: Swiss Canton; Blue/white, Red/white, Yellow/black, Red/black.
    • Standard: Full moon above a moonlit Alps.
  • Lord Brakspear [Hugh]
    • Livery: blue and yellow.

And in the news…

  • There are few die well that die in battle. (Henry V)

Sholto’s knights – from the Games Workshop stable – and a variety of his archers.