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Archived: Askaristan AK47

Back in 2003/2004, Stuart ran organised a 15mm modern ‘campaign framework’ using Peter Pig’s AK47 ruleset. The rest is history.

Campaign Downloads

The following downloads are available:

  • rules can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format by clicking here. (updated 18/04/03, now 4 units rather than 5)
  • campaign rules can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.
  • download the background newsheet in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Duncan’s MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the points of your AK47 army. In the body of the work, you just type in the number of stands you want in the unit, and let the spreadsheet do the rest. Some of the lower fields on the page are ‘unprotected’ so you can type in notes. The Total Points (600 or 400) and the player’s target political points can be altered (hence the deep yellow colour), as can the country’s name, and socio-political type. (updated 18/04/03, to take into account the 4-unit limit)
  • AK47 record sheet in both MS Word and PDF formats.

Historical backgrounds…

  • Background to the Marxist Phalanx – pre-schism [25.06.03]
  • Background to the Western Alliance – and a report on their first battle [24.06.03]
  • La Belle France’s Force Rapide Orientale et Gulf Groupment de Intervention et Extradition
    • The REM battle standard. The award of a battle honour is in the gift of the Commandant General du Corps de Regiment Etranger and of course the President of the Republique himself. [26.06.03]
    • Reuters report on their arrival. [12.04.03]

And in the news…

  • Battle report from the other Marxist Phalanx. [28.05.04]
  • Units of the Askaristan National Army have inflicted a heavy defeat on rebel units from the Morabotoune in a fierce fight south of Zbone earlier today. [29.02.04]
    Reply from the losing side [05.03.04] French riposte [14.03.04] Final reply from the losing side [22.03.04]
  • An extract from “L’Histoire de la Guerre dans Askaristan” by Professeur Ricard du Maison, describing the despicable ambush of the peace-loving Stalinist-Marxist Phalanx by the dastardly French Imperialist lackies. [updated 22.02.04]
  • Regional update for the Spring of 04, sourced from “Joan’s Fighting Forces” [21.01.04]
  • Telegram scribbled out by leader of the regrouping Western Alliance forces as he finds a better hole to hide in. [12.09.03]
  • Rageh Trousah reports on the French victory over the Western Alliance. [10.09.03]
  • Ed Winchester fires off another report – this time on the recent victory of the Royalist Government forces over the Morabotoune. [08.09.03]
  • Poster honouring the dead of the 1st Marxist-Stalinist Guards, who held out against the entire Morabotoune army at the Iqbal Tractor Works, outside Zbone. [15.08.03]
  • French put a bounty out on “Al Boursuki”, leader of the Morabotoune [04.08.03]
  • Battle of Zbone Airport: French victory over the Zbone Liberation Front [30.07.03]
  • French President comments, courtesy of Wroiters [24.07.03]
  • TV broadcast from Zbone [01.07.03] [Requires Flash]
  • News report from the Royalist army [30.06.03]
  • Le Sol reports on the French interventionist force [30.06.03]
  • Communique from the Military Council of the Independent Nasserites (Mourabitoun) [26.06.03]
  • Battle report by Rageh Trousah [25.06.03]
  • Background to the Western Alliance – and a report on their first battle [24.06.03]
  • Complaint from FROGGIE to the UN about a recent skirmish [24.06.03]
  • Another report from la Belle France [13.06.03]
  • Ed Winchester reports [04.05.03]
  • More reports from the French zine “Figarole” [20.04.03]
  • The Marxist Phalanx Information Minister released a short statement today [18.04.03] “We are the real Phalanx, and these others are imperialist lackies who we will slay like the pigdogs they are”. He further went on to say “pah” a number of times.
  • Ed Winchester fires off another report. [13.04.03]
  • Reuters report on the arrival of La Belle France’s Force Rapide Orientale et Gulf Groupment de Intervention et Extradition. [12.04.03]

Stuart says…

“Perhaps to emphasise the point I should make players wear representative headgear for their group and talk in character whilst playing.”