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 The Witch King of Angmar, Sorcerer, Ringwraith, Lord of the Nazgul, Captain of Despair, mounted on his hideous and foul winged beast

Era: Lord of the Rings, Third Age

Battle: Siege of Minas Tirith and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields 15th March 3019 T.A.

Wargamers: Andy D

Venue: Elgin Model Fair Novembers 2001, 2002 and 2003

Rules used: WRG 6th and DBM amended

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Elgin Model Fair

Battle of the Pelennor Fields

In the Third Age of Middle Earth, during the war of the rings, the dark armies of Mordor invaded the western lands. The realms of Gondor and Rohan took the brunt of this invasion, the men of these lands desperately defending against a tidal wave of destruction.

Minas Tirith2 Aragon, Legolas and Gimli arrive with reinforcements Siege towers move towards the wall under a constant hail of arrows.
“Grond” the giant battering ram, pulled by beasts, surrounded by orcs, manned by trolls. Whitetower House of Healing and the domes of the Tombs of Gondor
MinasTirith2 Prepare for Trolls! Six members of the Fellowship, with King Theoden and the Lady Eowyn

Legion after legion of orcs, goblins, trolls and beasts were sent to overthrow Gondor. Battle hardened men from the east with mumakils (elephants) and southern steppes armies of spearmen and cavalry, all Mordor allies, came to fight for Sauron, “Commander of the Host” and “Lord of the Dark Tower”.

The strongest citadel in Gondor was that of Minas Tirith, with its ancient walls built on seven levels at the foot of Mount Mindolluin and its towers reaching a thousand feet into the sky. And so it was here that Sauron concentrated his invading forces. They brought assault towers to attack the walls, siege engines to bombard the people, and magic to create pits of flames and to turn the sky black. But it was “GROND” a giant battering ram, years in the making, that was to finally smash the great gates of the citadel asunder……..

Geographical Location (Book):

Lossarnach the region to the South of Minas Tirith

Anorien the region to the North of Minas Tirith

Osgiliath,  Abandoned Citadel and river crossing on the river Anduin

Rammas Echor, Outer walls surrounding the Pelennor fields

Mount Mindolluin, the mountain Minas Tirith is built on

Harlong, harbour on the Anduin, beside Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith(Book):

Thick outer walls Black and smooth and strong

Great Gates Iron Gates leading to a wide courtyard

The Old Guesthouse on Lampwrights Street 1st level

Fen Holen Tomb of the Kings accessed from the 5th level

Houses of Healing 6th level

Stables 6th level

Palace of the Fountain/ Court of the Fountain 7th level

Order of Battle(book):

1/ Garrison of Minas Tirith

Lord Denethor The Lord of Gondor and Steward to the High King

Lord Faramir son of Denethor

Gandalf The white (Mithrandir), with the enchanted sword Glamdring and his steed Shadowfax, and member of the Fellowship of the ring

Peregrin (Pippin) The hobbit, member of the Fellowship of the ring, with an enchanted dagger of Westernesse

Beregond of the guard of the tower of Gondor

Bergil son of Beregond

Targon Company store man of the guard of the Tower of Gondor

Ingold Gate keeper and captain in the town guard

Hurin the Tall Warden of The Keys

Ioreth Oldest maid in the House of Healing

Ithilien Rangers, Elite Guard of the Tower of Gondor, Town Guard and Town Militia

2/ Reinforcements

Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, kinsman of the Lord with a company of knights in full harness with gilded banners (Swan Knights) and 700 Men at arms

From the uplands of Morthond, the great Blackroot Vale:  Tall Duinhir with sons Duilin and Derufi and 500 Bowmen

From Ringlo Vale, 300 men following Dervorin, the son of their Lord

Furlong “the Fat”, the Lord of Lossarnach with 200 stout men, mail clad with battle axes

From the Anfalas, the Langstrand, Household of Golasgil and their Lord, and hunters, herdsmen and men of the villages

Hillmen from Lamedon, without a captain

100 fisher folk from Ethir

Hirluin “the Fair” of the Green Hills from Pinnath Gelin with 300 green clad men

3/ Riders of Rohan

King Theoden King of Rohan and the Mark, his steed Snowmane (kin to Shadowfax)

The lady Eowyn (Dernhelm), maiden of the Rohirrim

Meriadoc (Merry) The hobbit, member of the Fellowship of the ring with the enchanted dagger of Westernesse

Prince Eomer Kin of the King, Third marshal of the Riddermark

Grimbold Marshal of the Third Eored (company)

Elfhelm Marshal of the Fourth Eored (company)

Guthlaf Battle standard bearer to the King

Heavy Knights of Rohan, Heavy cavalry of Rohan, Light cavalry of Rohan, Horse archers of Rohan. 6000 in total

4/ Forces of Aragon

Aragon (Strider, member of the Fellowship of the ring) son of Arathorne, Isildurs’ heir, with the enchanted sword Anduril, flame of the west.“The sword that was broken” (Narsil)

Legolas Elf archer and member of the Fellowship of the ring

Gimli Dwarf fighter and member of the Fellowship of the ring

Halbarad Dunaden Ranger of the North and Battle Standard bearer to Aragon

Elladan Half Elf knight of Isildur

Elrohir Half Elf knight of Isildur, brother of Elladan

30 Dunedain knights, Rangers of the North

The men of Lebennin, The men of Lamedon and Infantry of the Southern Fiefdoms


Sauron, Commander of the Host, Lord of Barad-dur, Lord of the Dark tower.

The Witch King of Angmar, Sorcerer, Ringwraith, Lord of the Nazgul, Captain of Despair, mounted on his hideous and foul winged beast.

Ringwraiths, Five wraiths mounted on winged beasts

Gothmog, Lieutenant of Minas Mogul

 Legions of orcs, Orcs of the Eye, Uruk-hai (great orcs), Trolls, Goblins

Floats and barges for the river crossing, Heavy artillery, Siege Engines and siege towers

Fire pits and trenches

“Grond” the giant battering ram, pulled by beasts, surrounded by orcs, manned by trolls.

 6/ Allies of Sauron

Men of the East, “not tall but broad with great axes”

Southron men with Red banners.

Chieftain of the Haradrim, Mounted Champions of the Haradrim

Harad cavalry, Harad infantry, Harad mumakil (armored elephants)

7/ Reinforcements from Osgiliath

Rhun with red and black banners

Easterlings with axes

Variags of Khand

Southrons in scarlet, “bold men and grim”

Far Harrad “Black men, like half trolls with white eyes and red tongues”.

AGD March/ 2001