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b. ACW

The American Civil War. Blues versus greys. Even though some ‘blues’ wore grey, and some ‘greys’ wore butternut. And both had zouaves.




“Club standard” recommended base sizes for 15mm (for use with “Fire & Fury”/”Regimental Fire & Fury”):
Infantry – 3 figures (30mm frontage by 20mm depth)
Infantry – 3 figures (30mm frontage by 20mm depth)
Cavalry – 2 figures (30mm frontage by 30mm depth)
Dismounted cavalry – 2 figures (30mm frontage by 20mm depth)
Artillery- gun plus 2 crew (30mm frontage by 40mm depth)
Brigade or Artillery leader stand – 1 mounted officer (30mm diameter round base)
Corps or Army Leader stand – 2 or 3 mounted officers or a combination of mounted and dismounted , tents etc (50mm diameter circle)
Divisional Commander 2 mounted figures (40mm diameter circle)
Brave Colonel stand – 1 figure (20mm diameter circle) – cavalry brave colonel on 30mm?
Horse Holder Marker – 1 man with 2 horses (40mm x 30mm rectangle)
Limber Marker – 1 limber and 1 driver with 2-horse team (30mm frontage by 50mm depth)
Disorder/silenced marker – dead/wounded figure (20mm diameter circle if standing, 25mm if prone)
Damaged gun marker – Wheel (20mm diameter circle) or Peter Pig Marker (30mm diameter circle)
Low on Ammo marker – reloading figure (20mm diameter circle)
Heavy casualty marker – Ambulance wagon, stretcher bearerers etc ( 75mm diameter circle)
Ammunition supply marker – supply wagon with 2-horse team (30mm frontage by 65mm depth)
Support documents by club members
RFF_Notesv1_3 to aid gameplay
RFF arc of fire based on 30mm frontage
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