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British Grenadier

Hugh, Ian and Duncan decided to approach the AWI in a slightly different tack to normal. We talked about appearance first.

The smaller number of troops involved (in comparrison with Napoleonic or ACW armies) would allow us to use 25mm figures. We all wanted infantry to be in 2 ranks. Even basing was discussed, settling on Games Workshop flock. Finally, we looked at rules for the period. After trying a few different sets, we played our first game of “British Grenadier” in 2004.

The first game was okay. The mechanics went well, but there were a lot of questions scribbled on the notepaper. When we went through the rules in detail afterwards, every answer was found. So, we made up playsheets (Duncan notes: I’ve been a fan of playsheets every since playing Johnny Reb at Durham WG) and kept on playing.


Figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry, Old Glory, Front Rank.