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Tuesday 11th January 2011

Five games on tonight:

  • Command & Colors: Napoleonics (Boardgame Geek link) .
  • 15mm Basic Impetus: Greeks vs Persians.
  • 15mm Regimental Fire & Fury: American Civil War.
  • 20mm TSG rules: Russians vs French Napoleonics.
  • 28mm FUBAR rules: US vs Viet Cong (rules link).

In honour of it being a ‘binary date’, my 10-siders rolled lots of 1’s.

Command & Colors: Napoleonics

Ken moves his troops (15mm Ancients: Basic Impetus)

Troop dispositions (15mm ACW: Regimental Fire & Fury)

Part of the US problem - cross river under fire (15mm ACW: RFF)

Russians vs French - 20mm Napoleonics using TSG rules

American forces move along the river bed towards the village (28mm figures; FUBAR rules)

Victor Charlie using all the available cover (28mm figures; FUBAR rules)


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